Halco Trembler 110


Halco Trembler Range:

Halco Tremblers are virtually indestructible bibless minnows that can be cast, jigged or trolled for outstanding results on a widevariety of sportfish. Advanced design features of the Tremblers include nose weighting producing an extremely lifelike swimming action. Tremblers have the loudest noise and strongest body vibrations of all Halco lures.

Notes and Tips:

Whether you troll, jig or cast, this lure does it all. It can be trolled up to 8 knots for smaller pelagic species and river species. The lure is noisy (due to the rattles) and has a fast tight action. Often anglers use too much vigor in the jigging action, try a slower upward movement and let the lure descend at a medium pace. What makes the Trembler 110 unique is that it actually has a swimming wobble action as the lure drops.

If trolling in very dirty water or at night Tremblers are ideal. The noise and pulsation give the fish a target to home in on when they are relying on their senses other than sight. Many lure colour theorists recommend dark lures during low light fishing to give more silhouette against the background. The Halco team recommends trying different colours to determine what is working in your situation.