Squidezy Squid Cleaning Tool

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It works, it’s easy to use, it will fit your catch and it’s inexpensive!

Cleaning squid or calamari can be messy. The Squidezy™ enables novices and experienced alike to clean squid quickly without the usual mess and effort.

Whether you are the fisherperson with the catch, the helper who has been given the bucket of squid to clean, or the cook who wants to keep the tentacles, fins and ink sac, you will find this set of tools a great help!

How to Clean a Squid Guide

Follow the step-by-step instructions below, you'll get the hang of squid cleaning in no time!


Step 1

SquidEzy™ tools come in three sizes - large, medium and small.


Step 2

Select the squid cleaning tool which best suits your catch. Slightly longer than the tube is desirable.


Step 3

Insert the SquidEzy™ behind the head and along the back of the squid tube. This will sever the membrane and avoid the risk of rupturing the ink sac.


Step 4

Remove the squid's head and internal organs with a firm tug.


Step 5

The pen is now exposed and can easily be removed.


Step 6

Stand up the SquidEzy™ and use the slot from one of the other tools to release the tip of the membrane.


Step 7

Peel away the fins and membrane.


Step 8

Put the tip of the SquidEzy™ into the end of the tube. Hold the tube firmly with your fingers to prevent slipping.


Step 9

Push the tool along the tube to invert it.


Step 10

Scrape away the remaining internal membrane and any residual matter.


Step 11

The tube is now clean and ready for the kitchen or freezer bag.


Step 12

Job well done! Using the handy twist top opener on the large Squidezy™, remove the top from your favourite coldie!

Buy a set today and make cleaning squid easy!