Antifog Spray (60ml)


Antifog Spray (60ml) 0% Alcohol

Cressi Anti-Fog Spray for swimming goggles and scuba diving masks. Keep some Cressi Anti-Fog Spray in your swimming kit bag or your dive bag. Whether at the swimming pool or at your dive site it is always handy to help prevent your swimming goggles or scuba mask from fogging up. If you tend to get a bit hot and steamy during your swimming session or during your scuba dive, then this Cressi Anti-Fog Spray will come in handy to help reduce condensation from ruining your view.


  • Effective anti-fog for masks and goggles. Spread on the inside of the lenses, before wetting them.
  • 350+ pumps per bottle.
  • Dry application.
  • Long lasting effect.
  • Capacity: 2.02 oz | 60 ml – 0% alcohol.

DIRECTIONS : A quick squirt of this Anti-Fog Spray on the inside and outside of your lenses, wait and then rinse off. This will help to reduce condensation build up in your goggles/mask

Antifog Spray (60ml) 0% Alcohol

Antifog Spray (60ml) 0% Alcohol