Atoll Utility Spearfishing Float


Atoll Utility Spearfishing Float

Omer Atoll Utility Spearfishing Float is part of the Inshore Hunting Line by Marco Bardi, the Omer Atoll Float is designed and manufactured for use of the incredibly durable 420D Nylon outer sleeve. The Atoll float houses two inner air chambers constructed from tear resistant PVC material.

Thanks to the high visibility of the float and the 95cm high rigid flagpole and 30cmx30cm flag, you will always be obviously visible to boats in the area and other divers. However, the real trick in the colour scheme is where Omer has taken a note out of nature’s book and coloured the bottom half white to reduce the floats visibility to fishes below to make your presence less obvious, much the same as many marine creatures.

The top of the float is host to 3 large pockets for storage and 2 Velcro straps to secure gear. The outer edge of the float features 10 plastic D-rings to attach dive gear. The float structure is reinforced by a longitudinal 3cm wide nylon webbing and three perpendicular webbings.

One of the best features about this float is the 7 Velcro straps on the underside, which can carry up to 3 spare spear guns. 4 plastic hooks are also included underneath the float for any quick additional line attachments.

 Atoll Float

Omer Atoll Float Features:

  • 420D Nylon Sleeve Inner blade made of durable PVC
  • Highly visible 95cm flagpole with flag
  • White base for stealth 3 large pockets and velcro straps
  • Nylon webbing reinforcement straps
  • Carries up to 3 spare guns 4
  • attachment points on the underside

Atoll Utility Spearfishing Float