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Comfort Mouthpiece

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Atomic comfort mouthpiece

Dual-silicone Comfort-fit Mouthpiece
At Atomic Aquatics, our engineers and award-winning designers are always listening to diver's requests for product upgrades and enhancements. One such request was for a mouthpiece that would be both durable and comfortable. The result is the popular dual-silicone mouthpiece that was introduced with the M1 regulator. Made from two types of silicone material, this mouthpiece is incredibly durable, yet easily one of the most comfortable mouthpieces a diver will ever use.



  • Durable Silicone Rubber
  • Fit Most Any Regulator
  • Soft and Comfortable Feel


Atomic comfort mouthpiece

Atomic comfort mouthpiece

Atomic Comfort Mouthpiece - Dive & Fish dive shop
Comfort Mouthpiece Sale price$25.00