Cressi Duke full face snorkeling mask

Color: Clear Blue

The evolution of the first full-face mask ever produced, called the Medusa, made in 1946. Full-face mask for snorkeling. Designed with extremely high-quality materials and technology. You can explore the world underwater, breathing naturally through the nose and mouth with 0% effort.

The Duke project required in-depth design and air circulation studies, both inlet and outlet, to solve the usual problems with these masks in competing models and to make the Cressi face mask particularly safe in any situation.
The position of the lateral breathing tube and the fact that it does not require the closing or opening of valves for its operation, guarantees a high flow of power, unthinkable in other similar models, especially in case of fatigue or stress.
The outlet of the stale air is also produced by a second channel integrated in the tube, with a powerful "chimney" effect which prevents the accumulation of a percentage of this air in the breathing area.
Duke's air circulation is far superior to that of any other similar mask on the market