Cressi Lama Apnea Knife


Cressi Lama Apnea Knife

Small, flat and ergonomic knife, with quick-release extraction system that prevents accidental loss of the knife, since you need to press two release points on the sheath at the same time to get it out.

Ergonomic rubber soft handle, with high attrition coefficient, for secure grip.

Double hilt thumb tab and hole on the handle, to hook it onto a safety line.

The blade is made from special, tempered stainless steel. One side has a smooth edge and the other is partly serrated, complete with a line cutter.

The Ara knife is designed to be attached to different points of your equipment, thanks to a modular assembly kit.

This kit means you can attach it to the BC in a really handy position to find the knife easily by touch and extract it in seconds.

Alternatively, it can come with a system to attach it to the BC, regulator or pressure gauge hose, with the possibility of choosing from two different hose sizes (10 mm and 13 mm).

As a third option, you can buy the Apnea knife kit, which has a sheath to attach it to your weight belt, or onto your leg, using the classic straps.

Technical features

  • Total length: 173 mm
  • Blade length: 81 mm
  • Blade width: 22 mm
  • Blade thickness: 3 mm
  • Weight, knife only: 70 g
  • Weight, with sheath: 96 g
  • Water buoyancy: negative

Cressi Lama Apnea Knife