Cressi Line BCD

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Cressi Line BCD

This model has been designed for those who are approaching diving for the first time, for diving centres and for renting; its wide range of accessories make it a complete product which is suitable for every level of diving. 

Line 2 is made from 420 denier nylon which is light yet very strong. 

The sack has a traditional shape, with a distribution of air that guarantees excellent trim in any conditions. 
Two generous zip up pockets allow for the insertion of weights and the stowing of accessories, even if bulky. 
The elasticated waistband is adjustable and is not joined to the sack. 

The rigid back panel is light yet strong and has a rear counter-plate, double carrying handle and a comfortable padded back cover. 

The accessories include a full range of D-rings and snap-hooks for holding accessories and the rear release valve can be commanded from the front. 


  • Material: 420 denier nylon and 500 denier cordura 
  • 2 generous zip up pockets for accessories 
  • 3 discharge and pressure valves 
  • Rear release valve with control brought to the front 
  • The back panel is rigid with generous padding. 
  • Rigid carrying handle 
  • Rear handle in nylon 
  • 2 40 mm techno-polymer D-rings on the shoulder straps 
  • 2 30 mm techno-polymer D-rings above the pockets 
  • Sizes: from XS to XL 
  • Buoyancy in Newton: 75 (XS), 90 (S), 105 (M), 150 (L), 160(XL) 
  • Buoyancy in Kg: 7.7 (XS), 9.2 (S), 10.7 (M), 15.3 (L) 16.3 (XL) 
  • Buoyancy in pounds: 16.9 (XS), 20.2 (S), 23.6 (M), 33.7 (L), 36.0 (XL) (R.I.N.A. certified values in accordance with standard CE 0474)

Cressi Line BCD