Cressi Ocean Eyes Mask

Colour: clear/clear silicone

All the avant-garde technology developed by Cressi in the mask sector has been applied to a model that has been specifically created for the application of prescription lenses.

Ocean Eyes, which is fully covered by patents, benefits from all the most modern concepts that were exclusively introduced by Cressi masks, such as the raked, inverted drop shaped lenses, the reduced internal volume, the extreme downward visibility and fantastic comfort.

What is more, Ocean Eyes incorporates an unprecedented system for the quick removal of the lenses which can then be replaced by prescription lenses to correct any sight defects.

In just a few seconds and with three simple operations you can assemble your own personalised prescription lens mask.

The adjustment buckles on the strap are fixed to the rigid headband using a new (and patented) element in flexible elastomer which prevents the buckles or the headband itself from breaking, thus allowing instant adjustment of the strap with the simple pressure of a finger.

With this system any deformation of the skirt, a possibility on models that incorporate the strap buckle into the skirt itself, is also avoided.

Another handy new feature is the possibility of instantly removing the entire strap, complete with buckles, to replace it on-the-spot or to create your favourite colour combination.

Technical features

  • Type: two lens mask

  • Versions: transparent silicone, black silicone

  • Materials: liquid silicone, techno-polymers, elastomers

  • Strap buckles: pressure, with instant adjustment

  • Internal volume: very low

  • Prescription lenses: from -1 to -6 dioptres with intervals of 0.5 dioptres