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Cressi SMB Mini

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Cressi SMB Mini

The Cressi Mini SMB (Surface Marker Buoy) is easy to use and convenient surface marker float.

The surface marker buoy is self-sealing and is a so-called tall SMB (uninflated dimensions: 176cm x 15cm), with huge lift. This makes it the ideal tool to attract attention on the surface, even if you’re quite far away from for example the boat.

The SMB can be orally inflated as well as inflated with a second stage, and a special over-pressure valve prevents over-inflation. The over-pressure valve can also be used to release the air out of the Cressi Surface Marker Floats when required after use.

SMBs are an excellent piece of safety equipment when driving. This will ensure that the boat you are diving with will be able to spot you even if you are a distance away, and will ensure your position is marked to other boats around.

Length 112.5cm

Width 13.3cm


Cressi SMB Mini