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Dex Glove

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Ocean Hunter Dex Glove

Ocean Hunter's Dex 2mm Dive Gloves are designed to keep you warm without you losing out on dexterity in the hands, so it's perfect for all your diving applications. The 2mm neoprene is covered in a non-slip pattern over the palm making handling scuba or spear equipment in the water easy. It also adds a sort of reinforcing layer over the neoprene to protect against wear and tear, which is especially useful when you're interacting with abrasive surfaces in the water like rocks and coral.



  • Thermal Retention - 2mm Neoprene keeps your hands from losing heat in the water. Despite popular belief, we actually lose more heat through our hands and feet than the head (due to their high surface area and low mass) so it's vital that they're covered up in a dive.
  • Gripping Palms - The palms are covered in a non-slip pattern to make sure you've got a good grip in the water.
  • Minimised PanellingMore continuous area and fewer seams makes for a more comfortable glove.

Ocean Hunter Dex Glove

Ocean Hunter Ocean Hunter Dex Glove - Dive & Fish dive shop
Dex Glove Sale price$55.00 Regular price$57.00