Halco Night Walker Nano


Night Walker Range:

A surface crawling creature that “walks” across the surface similar to a frog or distressed rodent. Rear weighted for easy casting. Vary the retrieve speed to create a wide wobble and unique sound. Ideal for evening and night fishing, featuring a “luminous” bib with Halco’s Bulletproof Bib securing system.

Notes and Tips:

Bass, Bream and Trout can all be frustrating to catch at times. Halco has developed the ultimate surface lure to bring Bass, Bream, Trout and many other finesse feeders undone with the latest lure in the range.

The Night Walker Nano is an ultra small surface walking lure. At 36mm long and 3.5gm in weight, the little Nano has an addictive, wide action that sure packs a punch for its size.

Featuring ultra fine, chemically sharpened trebles the fish only have to look at Nano to be hooked. The Nano also features a detailed, ultra tough polycarbonate bib design along with a built in rattle for use in low visibility situations. Use with a slow, low rod tip action for best results. The Nightwalker Nano was also named the Best New Lure at the 2008 Australian Fishing Tackle Show.