Ocean Hunter

Ocean Hunter Redback Knife


Ocean Hunter Redback Knife

The Ocean Hunter Red Back Knife is a classic spearfishing knife, an excellent option for budget-minded spearos and beginners.

It has a double-sided design that lets you dispatch your fish quickly. The 420 marine grade stainless steel blade is a highly sharp 11cm dagger style for penetrating bone and flesh deftly while staying sharp and rust-free for a long time.

The serrated section on the back of the blade is ideal for laying out your burley trails, while the moulded rubber handle is there to give you a secure grip.

Finally, the knife also has a quick-release sheath. This allows one-hand extraction. The sheath can be attached to your arm, leg, or weight belt with the two rubber straps included.

This knife is available in bright red – easy to spot if you ever happen to drop it on the ocean floor.



  • 420 marine grade stainless steel
  • Double sided dagger with plastic sheath and quick release straps
  • Stainless steel one piece construction
  • 40mm serrated edge for fast line cutting
  • Plastic coated handle for easy grip
  • Locking mechanism to prevent accidental loss
  • 11cm blade
Ocean Hunter Redback Knife

Ocean Hunter Redback Knife