Manny Sub

MannySub Roller Performer Speargun


Try the awesome new MannySub Roller Performer Speargun range! A truly revolutionary system offering some serious advantages thanks to its superior design generating extra power, along with no recoil, smooth firing and consistent accuracy over the conventional rubber speargun.

The roller speargun is the way of the future!

By eliminating recoil and generating more power without increasing barrel length, a roller speargun offers greater accuracy, penetration and manoeuvrability than a traditional speargun. It’s an old concept brought to life by improvements in materials and design.

MannySub started in 2010 with the Roller Power Head, a conversion kit designed to turn a traditional rail speargun into a roller speargun. We now make a full range of carbon-fibre roller spearguns, employing the unique Roller Power Head design. We also supply specialized accessories and consumables including rubbers, spear shafts, reels, dyneema line and gloves.

If you’ve been waiting for roller spearguns to evolve, wait no longer. MannySub spearguns have been extensively tested for performance, reliability and simplicity. Thousands of happy customers are now using our products worldwide.

Come join the Revolution with ManySub Roller Spearguns!


Any roller gun fitted with 16mm rubber is generally as powerful as a traditional rail gun with a loop powerband that is 30cm LONGER than the Roller gun. Imagine all that power from such a manoeuvreable gun!

i.e 100cm Roller gun = 130cm Powerband gun etc

If you notice when looking at a normal 100-140cm rail gun, the rubbers go slack about 2/3rds to 3/4s the way up the barrel, which means the spear is not propelled the full length of the rail! With a roller gun, the rubbers are pretentioned, and are pulling on the shaft the FULL length of the barrel, resulting in a much more accurate, less noisey and a much more easy to use spear gun.