Mares Cyrano 70cm Speargun


This pneumatic speargun propels the shaft at great speeds and with remarkable penetrating power, superior to powerband spearguns.

These characteristics are crucial in the longer lengths used when stalking large oceanic fish, where a slim, compact weapon with a slender ‰ÛÏnose‰۝ is quick and intuitive to aim.

The ergonomic handle with flexible inserts offers an excellent grip that is easy to see from above, thanks to its highly visible color. In the shorter sizes, Cyrano offers maximum manageability and speed for hole fishing. All Cyrano spearguns are provided standard with an ample carrying bag.

The Cyrano 1100 and 970 models are equipped standard with a 7-mm double-tip Tahitian shaft, other lengths are provided with a standard shaft with a threaded head.

Length: 70 (cm)

Please Note: Mares Products are not available for sale outside Australia.