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Mares Eos Dive Torch

$160 $189

Mares EOS  Dive Torch 

The LED bulbs ensure constant light throughout its life and have a wide beam. Rechargeable with USB cable. It is ideal as a primary underwater torch for night diving and day diving. With an adjustable zoom you can change the light beam from 12° to 75° according to your needs and diving conditions.
The intensity can be adjusted via the convenient magnetic switch that prevents any infiltration. It has 3 operating modes: on (maximum power), low (40% power), flashing (for signalling) and off. The new slide lock prevents accidental switching on.
The lithium batteries are also rechargeable via a USB cable through a PC or any 5 Volt adapter. The innovative temperature control system allows the torch to be used even out of the water.
Made of tough, wear-resistant anodised aluminium coloured anthracite. The rugged, professional-looking case protects the torch from damage when carrying diving equipment.



  • Magnetic adjustable focus
  • 125 minutes of burn time (max power)
  • In-house rechargeable cable
  • LED charge indicator
  • Wide light beam
  • Magnetic multifunction switch with safety lock
  • Four options: ON, LOW, FLASH, OFF
  • One-hand use
  • Tubular handle
  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Padded case with zip



Mares EOS Torch Feature