Mares Instinct Pro Fins

$149 $167
colour: Black

The INSTINCT PRO is the result of a meticulous design created by computer and the use of new materials.

The tapered-section blade, paired with a new technopolymer, has made it possible to achieve optimum results in terms of both power and thrust modularity.

The micro-ribbing on the blade optimizes efficiency.

The elongated lateral stringers have a tapered section designed to make the blade‰۪s deformation progressive and to create a channeling effect with the water, the fin‰۪s true driving power.

The new shape of the highly-pronounced ‰ÛÏV‰۝ blade prevents any risk of slippage.

The foot pocket retains all its qualities of comfort and hold for the foot, and at the same time brings even more power to the blade.

Color: Black

Size: 38/39, 39 /40, 41/42, 43/44, 45/46

Please Note: Mares Products are not available for sale outside Australia