Mares Smart Air Computer


Mares Smart Air Computer

The slim and stylish Mares Smart Air Computer knows how to get the job done. Light weight and sporty the Smart Air is made for any level of scuba diver. On the surface, adjust your nitrox settings or view your logbook with ease. Underwater, you can manage alternate depth information (top row), completely independent from the ancillary information displayed in the bottom row. Air integrated, you can now attach a transmitter on to your first stage on to one of the HP ports and it will wirelessly tell your watch your air consumption (sold separately).

  • Hoseless tank data integration for up to three transmitters
  • Graphic and numeric display of tank pressure
  • Three-row layout comprises all relevant data including tank pressure
  • Multigas capable
  • Option to view dive time including seconds
  • Two customizable fields for ancillary information
  • Logbook capacity of 95 hours of dive profile
  • Decompression dive planner with additional surface interval function
  • Complete watch functions
  • Freediving mode (apnea) with dedicated alarms
  • Bottom timer mode with resettable average depth and stopwatch
  • User-replaceable battery


  • Mineral Glass Display - Tempered glass with superior scratch resistance and improved readability in all diving conditions and viewing angles.
  • Gas Switching - Setting the computer to include one or more oxygen enriched - gases (up to 99%) in addition to your main gas; allow you to benefit from shorter decompression times by switching gases during the dive.
  • Software Upgradeability - Keep your dive computer up-to-date with the latest Mares developments.
  • Segment Display - Needle-sharp information combined with intelligent placement of information for easiest readability.

Mares Smart Air Wrist Dive Computer

Mares Smart Air Computer