Mares Viper Mask


Mares Viper Mask

Mares introduces the new Mares Viper mask; another revolutionary moulded product, developed in partnership with dedicated freedivers and spearfishermen. The extreme design gives this mask a crazy low volume combined with a stripped back design giving the mask its distinguishable appearance.

The single edge skirt which is moulded to the frame has surprisingly effective sealing, with a rounded taper and a smooth section which contacts the skin.

The mask is great for sealing and allows for easy clearing and equalising.

The Viper spearfishing mask has a reduced volume between lens and eye .
The anatomical skirt has no internal border and allows long apnea dives in maximum comfort. The new silicone reduces fogging effect, and the strap has a simple and immediate ergonomic fastening system.

• Reduced distance between lens and eyes
• Minimum internal volume
• Extremely wide field of vision
• Anatomical facepiece without internal border
• Lightweight
• Matte finish with anti-reflective properties
• Hydrodynamic profile for reducing water resistance
• Mask strap with ergonomic buckles for effortless use
• New silicone for the skirt capable of reducing fogging



Mares Viper Mask