Mares X-One & Bonito Set

Colour: Black/White

Mares X-One and Bonito Set

The Mares X-One and Bonito Pack is a fantastic great quality snorkel set that can be used by beginners all the way to experienced snorkellers. It consists on the Mares X-one adjustable fin and the Bonito Mask and snorkel set. A brand new addition to the Mask and Fin sets, this pack will be an enjoyable set to use this summer!

The Mares Bonito Mask and snorkel set is amazing quality made from 100% silicone with tempered glass lenses. Designed for adults, this mask has a wide range of vision due to the large lenses and is super comfortable when worn for a long length of time. There is nothing worse than an uncomfortable mask that does not fit correctly as it will only get worse after time. The Mares Bonito mask is known for comfort. The side clips on this mask and extremely durable and will last many years with the right care. The snorkel that is in this set is also made from silicone and the mouthpiece is extra comfortable. With a purge valve under the mouthpiece to allow water to be blown out easily and a wash over to prevent splashing water from entering the snorkel, it is a great pick. This Mares Bonito Mask and Snorkel is perfect for snorkeler who wants great quality at an affordable price.