Mean Green Offshore


Mean Green Offshore

Is a high quality speargun suitable for Spearfishermen of all levels. Pin point accuracy is achieved due to the strong Aluminum barrel with deep full length rail and the careful balance of gun mass, buoyancy, spear shaft diameter and power.

Features include quality monofilament shooting line, muzzle bungee, float line clip, stainless steel active line release and Torelli Lifetime warranty.  

Mean Green Offshore

Fitted with closed muzzle, twin 13mm rubbers and a 7.0mm spear shaft the Mean Green Offshore is easy to load yet delivers plenty of power to take on large fish. 


  • HandleTorelli Alpha, Loading Butt, Shark Clip
  • Mechanism: Torelli Alpha Generation 3
  • Barrel:  Aluminum Rail 29.5mm Diameter
  • Muzzle: Trimax Multi Configurable Closed Muzzle 
  • Line Release: Under Mounted Active Stainless Steel  
  • Bands: 2x13mm Mean Green High Modulas
  • Spear: 7.0mm Double Notch Spring Steel 2100Mpa
  • Rigging: 2mm Hard Skin Monofilament, Muzzle Bungee, Shark Clip
  • Barrel Length:  60cm, 75cm, 90cm, 100cm, 110cm and 120cm
  • Warranty: Lifetime (Original Owner) 
  • Manufactured: Torelli Spearfishing Australia, Capel Sound, Victoria, Australia