Ocean Hunter

Ocean Hunter Wheeled Travel Bag

Colour: black with red trim

Ocean Hunter Wheeled Travel Bag

The Ocean Hunter Viking Expedition Bag has been made for people who are going on extended diving or freediving trips.

This high-end wheelie bag has more than 120 litres volume storage space, double front carry handles and YKK self-healing zippers.

The bottom is extra robust with hard plastic, and the nylon wheels are sturdy yet quiet.

There are two main compartments, made of waterproof material.

Use the first compartment for toiletries, clothes etc, and the second compartment for all your spearing and diving gear.

Check out the video below to see how much this bag actually fits.

The Viking Expedition Bag will carry all your diving gear with ease!



  • Over 120 litres of storage space
  • 2 compartments
  • #10 YKK Self Healing Zippers
  • Easy Access Side Pocket for Long Fins
  • Double Front Carry Handles
  • Ultra Quiet Nylon Wheels
  • Sturdy carry handles
Ocean Hunter Wheeled Travel Bag


Ocean Hunter Wheeled Travel Bag