Ocean Pro

O'pro Op20 / F200 Reg Yoke


The OP20 F200 incorporates both style and function and is the ideal choice for the most rugged of diving conditions, making it a new Òbest in classÓ. The small, ABS polycarbonate housing makes it tough and light,reducing overall jaw fatigue during diving.The strategically engineered shape of the purge and offset vents not only look good, but help prevent diaphragm surge when swimming into a current. pre positioned front cover ring holes, ensure ease of serviceability after heavy use and the second stage incorporates a downstream demand lever valve. This mechanism provides high airflow and smooth easy breathing. It also offers the highest level of safety. Should an over pressurisation situation ever occur, the diver can still comfortably breathe on the way to the surface.Coupled with the OP20 is the newly designed F200 First Stage a bullet proof work horse with amazing output and reliability. The Unbalanced Piston design of the F200 contains fewer moving parts meaning simple reliable performance year on year between servicing. A change in performance relative to lower cylinder pressures adds an additional safety for users.Common place in School & Rental environments, the F200 is 40% Nitrox compatible out of the box and is included in the manufacturers Free Parts for Life program.Features