Oztrail 200L Halo Headlamp


Designed with auto dimming feature for the main spot and emergency red light built in

Seamless transition between high powered spot and gentle area light

  • Super birght CREE XP-G2 main bulb creating up to 200 Lumens on high and low setting of 37 Lumens

  • A bank of area effect CREE XQ-B LED lights to create a further 63 Lumens on high and 15 Lumens on low

  • Five red LED's for emergency or low light uses

  • Auto dimming setting can automatically sense when to transition form spot to area light

  • Can use a combination of spot, area, and low light settings at once

  • Run time of up to 27 hours

  • Beam distance measured to 92 metres in ANSI FL1 standard testing

  • Damage resistant case measured to drops of 2 metres

  • Runs on 3 AAA batteries

  • Duracell Alkaline batteries included