PowerDive Double Deck Snorkel


Whilst the Power Dive single person Deck Snorkel Hookah affords boat owners easy access to their hull and running gear for emergencies and maintenance chores, the Double Deck Snorkel literally doubles the functionality and fun of your Power Dive unit. You can now buddy dive under your boat for your maintenance chores or recreational dive with family and friends to 6 metres (or solo dive to 12 metres) from your boat, dinghy or inflatable.

Dive time with the Double Deck Snorkel is only limited by the size of the battery you choose to connect to. A standard 100 amp hour battery will last up to four hours, however, if you have means of charging batteries on board your boat you will have unlimited dive time.

The complete package includes:

  • Double Deck Snorkel Compressor Unit

  • Air Reservoir

  • 2 Regulators with Dive Harness

  • Gear Bag

  • 5m Power Cable with clips


  • 6m (pump to reservoir)

  • 6m (reservoir to Y-piece)

  • 6m (Y-piece to diver 1)

  • 6m (Y-piece to diver 2)


Number of divers: One or Two
Maximum depth: 1 diver to 12M (39.6FT)
2 divers to 6M (19.8FT)
Setup time: 2 - 3 minutes
Operating amps: 24 amp
Operating voltage: 12 V
Compressor: 4 cfm
Operating pressure: 25 psi
Weight: 18kg including hoses and accessories