Rob Allen

Rob Allen Digi 2mm Blue Camo


Rob Allen Digi 2mm Blue Camo

The Rob Allen Digi 2mm Blue Camo wetsuit is a 2 piece spearfishing suit that comes with high waisted pants and a hooded long sleeve jacket in a blue camoflage print. It is specifically designed for spearfishing and this is due to the fact that the suit is camouflage with helps to blend you in to the underwater environment rather than you wearing all black and standing out as a large silhouette. Camoflage is designed to be used and works best on the bottom of the ocean where you are trying to blend in to the surroundings. If you only hang on the surface, you will always be a black silhouette no matter the colour of suit you are wearing. With this particular colour suit, it is suitable for the Australian tropical waters where it is more clear blue waters and where the bottoms are more rocky and sandy as this allows you to disappear and have the fish swim right up to you.


The Digi 2mm set consists of a pair of high waisted plong pants and a hooded long sleeve jacket. Being a 2 piece set allows you to use them as separates and depending on what the water temperature is, allows you to mix it up. Take off the jacket in warmer water to use the pants by themself then when you start to feel the cold you can put the jacket on. This particular suit is a 2mm and is designed for tropical diving where you need a little warmth but nothing too heavy. Wearing a suit will allow you to stay in the water longer and also prevent sun burn.


The outer material is made from Yamamoto 39 neoprene with polyester and spandex nylon inner material with a flat locked seamed construction for ultimate comfort. The Rob Allen 2mm Digi blue camo suit is easy to get on and off due to the pre-formed pattern of the jacket to create a better fit and maneuverability.


There is a loading pad that is stitched on to the chest of the jacket to be used when loading a longer speargun to prevent bruising your sternum and the reinforced padded knees give great protection when kneeling on the bottom of the ocean waiting for you next catch. The Rob Allen Digi 2mm camo suit is a great choice when getting in to spearfishing. 



  • 2 Piece Set
  • Hooded long sleeve top
  • High waisted pants
  • 2mm in thickness
  • Blue camoflage colouring
  • Closed cell inner
  • Flat locked seams
  • Loading Pad on chest
  • Knee pads
  • Great tropical water suit
Rob Allen Digi 2mm Blue Camo

Rob Allen Digi 2mm Blue Camo