Rob Allen

Ra Mesh Net Gear Bag


Ra Mesh Net Gear Bag

High quality equipment bag from Rob Allen. Designed so that you can fit it all in. It is a simple no frills design that just works. The Rob Allen Mesh Net Gear Bag features a convenient, reinforced, top mounted YKK ultra durable zip which allows for convenient and easy access.


Designed to be big enough for your long bladed freediving fins the Rob Allen Mesh Net Gear Bag has been designed to be big enough to accommodate it all. Manufactured from heavy duty mesh netting with double stitching on all of the seams to ensure a long lasting lifetime of use this is one bag that's hard to go past.


The true advantage of this type of bag is that it doesn't trap water which would otherwise keep your gear damp and result in stinky, smelly equipment. The Rob Allen Mesh Net Gear Bag is ideal for the spearo on a budget who just wants a simple and easy to use bag to pack all of their gear in and get down to the beach with ease. 



  • Mesh draining bag allows for wet gear storage
  • Wash your gear without removing it from the bag
  • Large enough to fit long blade freediving fins
  • Double stitching on all seams and lockable YKK zips
Ra Mesh Net Gear Bag


Ra Mesh Net Gear Bag