Rob Allen

Ra Pre-made Rubber 16mm

$56 $60

Ra Pre-made Rubber


Rob Allen Pre-Made Rubbers are available to suit the full range of gun stock lengths.

  • Made from the famous Rob Allen 16mm blue latex and the highest grade dyneema bridle.
  • Coloured outer layer increases the protection from the environment.
  • The amber inner core is more pure for performance.
  • Rubber manufactured in the USA by Dip processing.
  • Pre tied and ready to go straight on to your muzzle.
  • Without question one of the best rubbers.
  • Perfect for spare rubbers on trips.
  • Ready to use straight away.
Ra Pre-made Rubber
Rubber Length Gun Length
50cm 900
55cm 1000
60cm 1100
65cm 1200
70cm 1300
75cm 1400
80cm 1500
85cm 1600


Ra Pre-made Rubber