Riffe 3.5mm Digi Tek Wetsuit


Riffe 3.5mm Digi Tek Wetsuit

DIGI TEK digital camo wetsuits have proven to blend into most any ocean environment. Yamamoto 100% CR (Chloroprene) Neoprene with Impermea flex lamination, for a lightweight, ultra flexible comfortable fit. Excellent heat retaining properties, quick drying. Sizes XXS - 3XL


**Top and Bottom sold together as a set.

  • Japanese Yamamoto 100% CR Neoprene (Grade 39 Ultra supple, warm, comfortable) – open cell
  • Glued and blind stitched seams for added protection
  • Face, wrist and ankle seals to prevent water entry
  • Non binding wrist/ankle seams for more flexibility
  • Slip resistant, cushioned loading chest pad
  • Abrasion resistant high density Polyurethane screened knee and elbow protection.
  • Vented hood promotes excess air release
  • 3.5mm Hooded Top with Beaver Tail and High Waist Pant (non-titanium coated) – open cell

- See Size Chart Below

Digi-Tek Suit chart size size height
size Intl size (weight) kg cm
XXS 44 45-50 145-153
XS 46 50-60 150-160
S 48 55-70 158-168
S-tall 48-tall 55-70 168-180
M 50 60-75 160-175
M-tall 50-tall 60-75 175-185
ML 52 75-80 165-178
ML-tall 52-tall 75-80 178-185
L 54 75-80 168-183
XL 56 80-90 170-188
XXL 58 85-95 173-193
XXXL 60 90-100 178-193
XXXXL 62 100-110 180-195


Riffe 3.5mm Digi Tek Wetsuit


Riffe 3.5mm Digi Tek Wetsuit
Riffe 3.5mm Digi Tek Wetsuit

Riffe 3.5mm Digi Tek Wetsuit

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