Riffe Low-Pro Horizontal Reel with Line


Riffe Low-Pro Horizontal Reel

Riffe's NEW LOW-PRO Horizontal Reel
Our new LOW-PRO Horizontal Reels are in stock and ready to ship. 
Same proven RIFFE REEL design in a slimmer compact version.

Lower-profile version of the Horizontal Reel holds 125ft of (600lb test Spectra) line, enough to suit most divers.
Lighter weight and lower profile aid in quicker tracking and maneuverability.
The only "true automatic" reel on the spearfishing market. Lever style drag control with 4 positions.

Stop#1 - Free spool (bailout)
Stop#2 - Light drag (out) with full automatic free spool (in)
Stop#3 - Medium drag (out) with full automatic free spool (in)
Stop#4 - Heavy drag

Riffe Low-Pro Horizontal Reel
Riffe Low-Pro Horizontal Reel


Riffe Low-Pro Horizontal Reel

Riffe Low-Pro Horizontal Reel FLAT with line is constructed with a Nylon-Fiberglass Composite and has heat treated aluminum parts with the added bonus of a hard anodized surface. The lighter weight and low profile aid in quicker tracking and maneuverability, creating an all-around better dive experience!

**Flat mount used on Euro style spearguns.

**Radial Mount used for radial based spearguns.

Mounts on all RIFFE spearguns as well as other manufacturers that feature similar barrel shapes. Fits on flat and radial gun stocks with proper mounts.

  • Compact and Lightweight - LOW PRO (6oz.) Original - (6.5oz.)
  • The only “semi-automatic” reel on the spearfishing market with a lever style drag control with 4 positions.
  • Free spool (bailout)
  • Light drag (out) with full automatic free spool (in)
  • Medium drag (out) with full automatic free spool (in)
  • Heavy drag
  • Stainless Steel bail to prevent line tangle
  • Assembled with 10-24 Screws for mounting on RIFFE 
  • Euro Series and other RIFFE models using thread inserts or may be mounted with wood screws placed in a pre-drilled hole

SPECTRA PRO LINE- With numerous REEL LINE options on the market, choosing can be a daunting task. Our 1.8mm 600 lb. SPECTRA PRO LINE is exclusively designed and manufactured for RIFFE. This line is robust, durable and built to last, featuring a straight multi-strand core wrapped in a 100% Spectra outer woven sheath. Superb abrasion resistance, lightweight and minimal water absorption, durable UV coating. Unrivaled quality created to endure the toughest spearfishing conditions. Built to last. Made in the USA. Sold per/ft & spools of (125 ft (38 m) L-1007) (200 ft (60 m) L-1006).


Riffe Low-Pro Horizontal Reel


We've Got You Covered.

All RIFFE Spearguns come with a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use conditions.

A 3 year warranty is placed on our mechanisms and laminated gun stocks for warpage and delamination (2 year warranty on mahogany spearguns). A 1 year warranty on mechanisms when commercially used. (Trigger mechanism may need to be replaced with excessive use.) Warranty applies to original owner/purchaser and is not transferable. 

Riffe Low-Pro Horizontal Reel

Register Your Speargun

Make sure to register your speargun after purchase. This is required to initiate a warranty claim. Plus we've reunited many owners with their lost-at-sea spearguns by having this helpful information. 

Fill out our Warranty Registration Form HERE.

What's Not Covered

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Improper maintenance
  • Installation of component, parts or accessories not intended for or compatible with the speargun as sold
  • Damage or failure due to accident, misuse, abuse or neglect

First Things First

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