Rob Allen

Rob Allen Cubera Mask

Colour: Black

Rob Allen Cubera Mask

The new Rob Allen Cubera mask comes with either clear or flash tinted lenses to shield your eyes against harmful UV rays. It offers an HD view of the underwater world while still being low volume with a soft hypoallergenic silicone skirt.

The tempered lenses are placed at an angle which ensures a comfortable fit while improving the field of vision. The low volume also lets you access the nose pocket for equalising more easily and the textured silicone around the nose gives you a good grip. The mask strap attaches with quick-adjust buckles that you can tighten or loosen even with thick gloves on.

Red lenses are the best choice in light conditions and good visibility. These lenses act like snow goggles. They give you an improved depth and shape perception underwater because they increase contrast. Tinted lenses also make the mask perfect for hunting as the lens hides your eyes while still allowing plenty of light in without any glare.

Low volume and excellent visibility.


Split lens, low volume mask provides better visibility
Low volume and silicon skirt enables easy equalisation and greater comfort
Available in clear or flash-tinted lens to shield against UV rays and provide better visibility in low-light
Designed to fit most face shapes Available in black/black with tinted lens

Rob Allen Cubera Mask