Rob Allen

Rob Allen Samburu Railgun


TheåÊRob Allen Samburu Carbon Rail Gun is astounding new generation barrel is twice as strong as the previous model and is individually air brushed at the Rob Allen factory to create the amazing dual camo barrel that will easily blend into any hunting environment.åÊ

The Samburu barrels are built using a pull wound continuous process using 3 to 4 tons of tension. This design process allows the fibre loading to be maintained at a much higher level than in conventional mandrel wound tubes as used by other manufacturers. OnlyåÊ100% carbon fibre is used at the highest possible loading, along with an integral rail further adding to the stiffness, the Rob Allen carbon rail barrels are without a doubt the best in the world. Each barrel is pressure tested twice ‰ÛÒ first with air immediately after the initial pull winding process and then secondly, after assembly in Rob Allen's hydraulic test chamber to the equivalent of 40m depth for one hour. The black glass reinforced nylon mechanism comes asåÊstandard with a stainless steel line release. EvenåÊthe internal spigot and external shrouds that grip the barrel to avoid stress at the screw holes have been designed with carbon barrels in mind.åÊ

In addition, all Rob Allen Samburu Guns fromåÊthe 110cm model upwards have a ‰ÛÏmuzzle brake‰۝ weight fitted internally behind the muzzle which perfectlyåÊbalances the gun when aiming and reduces muzzle lift and recoil on firing. The RobåÊAllen Samburu Rail GunåÊmodel is the premiumåÊrailgun in production and it is available in 7 different sizes to suit every application. For this reasonåÊit is one of the most popularåÊspeargun choices for manyåÊSpearos who demand perfection without exception.