Rob Allen

Rob Allen Snapper Mask

Colour: Black

Rob Allen Snapper Mask

Rob Allen wanted to ensure that the Snapper fit perfectly every time with minimum tension from the head strap and to offer excellent vision and comfort while hunting fish for hours on end.
This robust but comfortable mask has been a fantastic seller since its inception and continues to offer great reliability and performance to those that dive with it. The optional tinted version reduces glare while diving and for those focused on minimizing eye contact with flighty reef species, this will make an easier job hiding
your eyes.


Rob Allen is a well-renowned name in the spearfishing world, with all their products producing fantastic results. The Snapper Diving Mask is no exception.

The skirt has been produced with 100% black liquid silicone skirting for durability and malleability. This is a softer type of silicon and is considered to seal to the face better. The strap buckles attached to the mask skirting use an easy squeeze release for easy adjustments of strap lengths. The straps themselves have a split design to ensure distribution of pressure from the straps over the head.

To meet the needs of spearfishermen and freedivers, the mask has been produced in a black silicon and low volume. The low volume has a couple of great advantages. Firstly, when you dive to a depth where you begin to equalise you won’t need to use as much air as the volume of the mask is so small. This low volume also means that the lenses are closer to your eyes, giving you a wider field of vision. The black silicone skirting has the advantage of blocking light from your peripheral vision, thus allowing your pupils to further dilate and gain a clearer vision of your direct line of sight. This is perfect for freedivers or spearo’s when focusing on that fish and need that extra edge in their focus.

The frame of these masks is a unique component of the design. The leather-finish frame has been integrated into the skirting, which reduces your drag in the water and the internal volume of the mask.

The tinted lenses are a simple addition to an already well-designed mask that could mean the difference in the water. The immediate difference that this provides is the fact that glare is cut out of your vision. Secondly, some pelagic fish can be spooked when they see the eyes of a diver, so tinting the lenses prevents them seeing your eyes so they might remain comfortable enough to come into range.

All these features lead to a compact and smooth mask that is hydrodynamic and suited perfectly to freediving and spearfishing.


  • 100% liquid black silicone skirt
  • Low volume high visibility design
  • Adjustable straps with easy squeeze side clips
  • Unique inset leather-finish frame
  • Tinted lens cuts out surface glare and helps shade eyes from fish
  • Eco-friendly: Recyclable packaging

Rob Allen Snapper Mask