Salvimar Nebula Skin Green Open Cell 5.5mm


Salvimar Nebula Skin Green Open Cell 5.5mm

The Salvimar Nebula 5.5mm Spearfishing Wetsuit is a top-of-the-line spearfishing wetsuit featuring unrivalled stretch and heat retention. The open cell internal lining and sealed seams combined with an internal coated layer and medium-density neoprene combine to create a highly sealed wetsuit that's both incredibly warm and stretchy.

More warmth and stretch results in longer sessions for two reasons: 1. a stretchier wetsuit means it's easier to move around, thus less energy is expended, and 2. a warm wetsuit means your body has to expend little energy maintaining core body temperatures, which is where most people lose their energy while diving.

The Salvimar Nebula wetsuits have a soft skin exterior and open cell interior, which reduces your drag in the water and improves your fluidity in the water, contributing to greater overall efficiency when diving. This extra softness does also mean extra care needs to be taken while using them.



  • Semi-Duraprene construction with polyurethane outer treatment
  • Open cell interior for a high stretch, comfort and warmth
  • External stitching over the smooth semi-Duraprene
  • Reinforcements on the chest, elbows and knees
  • Lined exterior with a New nebular pattern
  • Double button beavertail closer
  • Two-piece spearfishing wetsuit
  • Puff Gum seams for protection
  • TRD-Skin (Tear Resistant-Skin)
  • Yamamoto 39 neoprene
  • Built on hood

Salvimar Nebula Skin Green Open Cell 5.5mm