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Sea Gold

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Sea Gold

When scuba diving or snorkeling, there’s nothing more annoying than a fogged-up dive mask. So why mess around with just any anti-fog treatment? De-fog with Sea Gold Anti-Fog Gel, a powerful formula that lasts longer than other anti-fog treatments. It’s highly concentrated, so underwater enthusiasts can enjoy multiple dives with just one treatment. Use in any water temperature and in all conditions. Avid scuba divers, instructors and professional gear testers alike agree: Sea Gold is their anti-fog treatment of choice. Just apply one drop to the inside of clean, dry lenses then rub across lens surface. Rinse twice and you’re good to go, fog free.



  • Highly concentrated anti-fog gel
  • Powerful, long-lasting formula provides fog-free protection
  • Non-abrasive; safe for all glass and plastic lenses
  • Will not harm surrounding silicone or rubber support frames
  • Works in all water temperatures
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable and alcohol-free
  • Not recommended for use on swim goggles
  • 37ml (1.25 oz)
Sea Gold

Sea Gold

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Sea Gold Sale price$19.00