Shark Shield Freedom 7C

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Shark Shield Freedom 7C

Shark Shield Freedom 7 (NEW C-version with LED battery indicator) is a compact, versatile and lightweight personal shark deterrent system, which allows you to explore and enjoy the oceans without fear. The unit incorporates a 2.2m flexible mesh antenna, which has been designed to cause minimum water resistance and drag on the user.


Shark Shield Freedom 7C

Those who truly love an ocean adventure, respect it for all its beauty and everything it has to offer, both above and below the surface. Shark Shield is the worlds only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent, proven to turn sharks away. With over twenty years of world-class research and independent testing, including the KwaZulu-Natal Shark Board in South Africa, the FREEDOM7 is scientifically proven to reduce the risk of an unwanted shark encounter. It is no wonder it has become the safety device chosen by professional divers in the US and Australian Navies and has become mandated equipment in the Australian Professional Abalone Diving Industry.


The world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent

Mandated safety equipment in industries such as Abalone Diving, used by the US & Australian Navies

Comfortable, lightweight with an easy to wear neropene velcro pouch

Lithium rechargeable battery, over 300 charge cycles

Longlife battery, lasts up to 6 hours

Depth rated to 50 meters (164 feet)

30 Day Money Back Guarantee - if your don't feel more confident in the water with Shark Shield 

The Shark Shield Freedom 7 unit incorporates a velcro pouch, that is attached to the ankle region and 2.2m flexible mesh antenna. Once the antenna is submerged in salt water the electrodes emit the protective field.


Shark Shield Freedom 7


The FREEDOM7c antenna has been designed to cause minimum of water resistance and drag on the user.

Shark Shield Freedom 7C

unique wave form elliptical field only affects free swimming sharks and to a minor degree rays and skates. The field generated by the Shark Shield is detected by the shark through its sensory receptors known as Ampullae of Lorenzini, situated on the snout of all predatory sharks. The unique and unfamiliar pulsing sensation emitted by the Shark Shield does not replicate that given off by a fish and does not attract sharks to an area. Shark Shield allows you to hunt, photograph or just swim with all other marine animals roaming freely in their ocean settings.


The electrical wave-form used in the Shark Shield is based on a technology invented by the Natal Shark Board of South Africa. Predatory sharks have small gel filled sacs knows as ‘Ampullae of Lorenzini’ on their snouts. They use these short range sensors when feeding or searching for food.

Shark Shield is a three-dimensional electrical wave form which creates an unpleasant sensation impacting the shark’s ‘Ampullae of Lorenzini’. When the shark comes into proximity of the electrical wave form (around 8 meters in diameter) it experiences non-damaging but uncontrollable muscular spasms causing it to flee the area.

The field is projected from the unit by two electrodes, which create an elliptical field that surrounds the user. Both electrodes must be immersed in the water for the field to be created. The electrode configuration depends on the model of the Shark Shield unit. 
From testing, the closer the shark is to the Shark Shield field, the more spasms occur in the sharks’ snouts. This becomes intolerable and the shark then veers away, and usually doesn’t return.

A distinct advantage of the unique electrical wave-form is that it deters sharks and does no lasting harm to the shark. Once the shark is out of the affected area, it no longer feels the effect of the electrical wave form.

***Western Australian Government Sharkshield Rebate available to applicants, must have WA residential address***

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 Shark Shield Freedom 7c

The original technology was released onto the market in 1995 by POD Holdings Ltd, a joint venture company partly owned by the Natal Sharks Board and the South African Government. In addition to being tested by National Military and other authorities, Shark Shield has been extensively tested to the highest standards by scientists and marine biologists over many years.