Starboard 12'6"x26" Racing SUP


12’6”x26” ASTRO RACER

The Astro Racer is a highly competitive Race Board with amazing glide, and very particular advantages:
shock absorption going upwind and adjustable rocker going downwind.

This board can fly with you to any race around the globe with no additional Cost.

French Rider, Gaetan Sene, flew to California for the biggest race of the year with a full BOP quiver the Astro Racer 12'6"x26" and the 14'x26". Gaetan competed among 1000 Racers at the BOP and made it through finishing as a top 3 European Rider


• The Deluxe inflatable offering.
• Extra tall high aspect pressure single action pump (14 -18 PSI)
• Large, comfortable heavy duty back pack with extra room for gear storage.
• Astro box center and side fin box system.
• Foiled middle and side fins.
• Super strong reinforced 4” to 6” PVC drop-stitch material.
• Triple rail band stringers for extra stiffness.
• Full deck EVA.
• Soft handle cover for comfortable board carrying
• 4 D-rings on the nose for gearstorage.
• Leash attachment point.
• Repair kit.


Length: 381.0cm

Width: 66cm

Thickness 15cm

Tail Width: 37.2cm

Volume: 290L

Weight: 9g

Single Fin: 8”