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Aquatec T-Rex Knife

Colour: Stainless Steel

Aquatec T-Rex Knife

The Aquatec T-Rex Stainless Steel dive knife is the next generation low-profile silhouetted type dive knife. This knife is a single blade design with a very ergonomic handle directly moulded into the blade and feels so natural in your hand that it will feel like a natural extension of your body. It is manufactured from 304 Grade Stainless Steel producing an optimal combination of hardness and durability. A great feature of the T-Rex is when you place it in to the sheath, it has a loud click which lets you know that is securely in the sheath. Many times divers lost their knifes from it falling out of the sheath from not being properly put in. Having a knife when diving or snorkelling is very important. Majority of people carry knives for "when sharks attack". If that floats your boat, then that's fine, yet the main reason to carry a knife is for those times when you come across fishing line or rope that is tangled up on either you or a sea creature and you need to release it. Every little bit of rubbish that you can get out of the ocean is a step to saving the environment.


  • Blade 9.5cm
  • Handle 10cm
  • Total 19.5cm


  • Light weight yet extremely strong
  • Half straight and half serrated edged blade
Aquatec T-Rex Knife

Aquatec T-Rex Knife