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XS scuba Pony Pac


XS scuba Pony Pac is a quick, easy way to hit the water. It is a great choice for anyone who doesn’t require an air bladder on their harness. The Pony Pac has been upgraded with a down-sized Catch n’ Release™ weight pocket system. Custom receptacles on the lower back allow the user to easily click weight pockets into place. They can be ditched with a simple pull.

Used by:

  • First Responders for rapid entry into the water

  • Boat owners for in-water maintenance

  • Instructors for Intro to diving classes

  • Fits 13, 19, 30 and 40 cu. ft. pony cylinders with 4.0 – 5.4” diameters

  • Can accommodate up to 10 lbs. of lead weight.

  • Extra-large thumb loops for cinching down shoulder straps

  • Rolled neoprene neck collar for maximum comfort

  • Knife mounting grommets on waist band are ideal for the Rook Knife

  • 2-way adjustable sternum strap

  • Can be upgraded to a compact, travel BC with the addition of a Companion Air Cell (p/n BC530).

XS scuba Pony Pac comes in 3 sizes:
SM - p/n BC503 | RG - p/n BC507 | XL- p/n BC509