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Cressi Mach Spear Head

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Cressi Mach Spear Head

The Cressi Mach Spear Head is a dual flopper, conical point, threaded spear tip. The Stainless Steel dual flopper setup fold against the tip for the ultimate in penetration, yet provides dual floppers for the ultimate in fish holding power. Threaded to fit Pneumatic shafts (including the Cressi SL Star) and threaded Euro shafts.

The Cressi Mach Spear Head is designed for when spearfishing for medium to large size fish.

The Mach Spear Head is made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel for a perfect blend of durability and performance. The dual flopper setup tucks neatly against the tip for the ultimate in penetration, yet provides superior holding power once it penetrates the fish.

The Cessi Mach Spear Head is threaded to fit Cressi Pneumatic shafts and threaded Euro shafts on Cressi pneumatic and arbalete spear guns.

Cressi Mach Spear Head Features

  • Dual Flopper
  • Conical Point
  • Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel
  • Perfect Blend of Durability and Performance
  • Dual Flopper Setup Tucks Neatly Against Tip
  • Ultimate in Penetration
  • Superior Holding Power
  • Designed for Medium to Large Size Fish
  • Fits Cressi Pneumatic and Euro Threaded Shafts
  • For Cressi Pneumatic and Arbalete Spear Guns

Cressi Mach Spear Head Specifications

Materials: Stainless Steel
Point Type: Conical Point
Barbed: Yes
Fish Size: Medium To Large
Weight: [with packaging] 0.1 lb

Cressi Mach Spear Head