Shark Shield Fish01


Say no to shark tax!

The Ocean Guardian FISH01 is the world’s first innovative long-range shark deterrent system designed specifically for fishing, and it is Powered by Shark Shield Technology, the worlds only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent technology; fish off the back of your boat knowing that your catch is protected from the dreaded shark tax.

Sharks are opportunistic by nature and will naturally single out any food source that appears easy to exploit. No-where is a shark’s opportunistic behaviour more apparent than when fishing. It’s well known among both the commercial and recreational fishing communities that a struggling fish is irresistible to sharks.

Significantly improve your catch rate with research showing the use of Shark Shield Technology in fishing resulted in;

  • Preventing the majority of shark’s species from attacking hooked fish

  • A significant reduction in the number of incidents of predation

  • Improvements in the efficiency of operation

  • Resulting in less time spent at sea

Easy to deploy off the back of any vessel, the new FISH01 is based on the proven design of the Ocean Guardian FREEDOM7 dive product and provides a large and powerful protective area (of around 15m (49′) deep x 6m (19′) diameter) to keep your catch safe from sharks.