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Article: The Coombe

The Coombe
Swan River

The Coombe

Max Depth

22 Meters

Dive Flag

No permanent dive flag






Mosman Park, Western Australia


The Coombe, a well-known dive site situated in Mosman Park, Western Australia, is characterized by four wrecks spanning depths of 8 to 22 meters, all of which are accessible by shore. Conveniently located just 15 minutes from central Perth, this site is a popular option for divers seeking shelter from choppy weather conditions and divers looking for calm waters to practise skills.

While The Coombe offers moderate visibility, divers should be prepared for limited visibility, with good visibility only reaching 2 to 3 meters on optimal days. Additionally, poor visibility is common, and the site can be quite dark, particularly at greater depths, necessitating the use of a torch.

Access to the dive site is available from a small car park located on the riverbank, with easy entry to the water via a nearby beach. Although The Coombe is classified as an easy dive site, mild currents and moderate visibility are present. Nevertheless, strong river flows can influence conditions, and divers should always verify the current state before diving.

Overall, The Coombe is a noteworthy dive site, offering a range of wrecks to explore and convenient accessibility from central Perth. However, the limited visibility and possible river flows warrant caution, and divers must remain vigilant to ensure a safe and enjoyable dive.


3D Render: divingwawrecks, 18.11.22

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