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Cobra Knife

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Cobra Knife 

The Cobra Knife is a versatile and essential tool designed for underwater activities such as diving, spearfishing, and water sports. This knife combines durability, functionality, and safety features for a reliable and efficient cutting experience underwater.

Key Features:

Blade Material: The knife features a high-quality blade made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, ensuring durability and sharpness even in harsh marine environments.

Blade Length and Shape: The Cobra knife has a blade length suitable for various cutting tasks underwater. The blade feature a straight edge and serrated edge, offering versatility for different cutting needs.

Durable Handle: The knife is equipped with a durable and ergonomic handle designed for a secure grip, even when wet or wearing gloves. The handle's design and texture provide excellent grip stability and control during use.

Multi-Functional Design: The Cobra knife is designed for multi-functional use, including cutting fishing lines, ropes, nets, and other materials encountered during underwater activities. It is also suitable for prying, scraping, and signaling tasks.

Line Cutter Notch: The Cobra knife feature a line cutter notch on the blade, allowing for quick and efficient cutting of fishing lines and ropes without damaging the blade edge. This feature enhances convenience and safety underwater.

Sheath Compatibility: The knife is compatible with a sheath or holster that provides secure storage and easy access during dives. The sheath feature attachment options foe leg straps.

Experience the reliability, functionality, and durability of the Cobra Knife – your essential tool for safety, utility, and exploration underwater. Dive confidently with a high-quality knife designed for precision cutting and versatility in challenging diving environments.

Cressi Cobra Knife - Dive & Fish
Cobra Knife Sale price$39.95