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Western Combo Gauge

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Western Combo Gauge

Western Australia boasts a wide range of fantastic recreational fishing opportunities.

It is one of the State's most popular pastimes with an estimated third of the population fishing recreationally.

With increasing fishing pressure and environmental changes, we need to manage our natural resources carefully to ensure there are plenty for the future.

An essential part of the management process is ensuring fishers follow the rules to keep our resources sustainable in Western Australia.

With more than 12,800 km of coastline, along with numerous estuarine and inland water bodies, there are different rules for specific areas, species and different types of fishing activity.

This is where the western combo gauge provides recreational fishers an accurate size guide for their catches. The western combo gauge combines the 4 most common species caught off the Western Australian Coastline: Roes Abalone (60mm), Blue Swimmer Crab (127mm), Western Rock Lobster (76mm) and Southern Rock Lobster (98.5mm).

Western Combo Gauge

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Western Combo Gauge Sale price$25.00 Regular price$32.00