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F1 Mask

Sale price$89.00

The Cressi F1 Mask is an ultra low volume frameless mask, perfect for scuba divers and snorkelers alike. It comes in various different colors: black, blue, lilac, pink, silver, white and yellow, making it easier for matching with other pieces of equipment.

The single lens design guarantees an excellent field-of-view, its a favourite amongst divers for the low profile and the ability to fold flat, making it easy for storage or carrying it in a BCD/drysuit pocket.

Another big advantage of the frameless design is the silicone skirt, which is connected directly to the lens for lower weight and reduced drag, adding simplicity to this mask.

The F1 mask features fast-adjust ratcheting strap buckles, mounted directly into the skirt reducing drag and making for a flexible fit, plus the low internal volume allows for effortless water clearing.

The skirt is made with high-grade silicone which helps sealing gently and securely against most faces, while the lenses are manufactured with tempered glass. The easy-access and flexible nose pocket is ideal for equalisation.

The Cressi F1 mask is great value for your money, with a cost of roughly half of similar masks on the market.


  • Ultra low-volume, single lens design
  • Silicone skirt bonds directly to the lens for lower weight and reduced drag
  • Fast-adjust ratcheting strap buckles
  • Supple, high-grade silicone seals
  • Tempered glass lenses
  • Easy-access nose pocket for equalisation
  • Excellent value
  • Various colors

F1 Mask - Dive & Fish
F1 Mask Sale price$89.00

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