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Mono Filament Shooting Line Clear

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Mono Filament Shooting Line Clear

  • Clear Shooting Line Provides considerably greater abrasion resistance than equivalent mono lines of the same diameter.
    • Has minimal stretch, minimal memory, exceptional shock strength and superb UV resistance
      • Available in 1m lengths @ $3.00 per meter.
        • If you are after more than 5m then increase the quantity of the order and we will send you a longer length.
          • The shooting line is the one connecting the spear to your gun (unless you are running a breakaway rig).  The most common line used is monofilament.  The mono should be 1.8 - 2.0mm thick.  Mono is easy on the fingers, quick through the water, resists tangling and is cheap.  Most spearguns have black mono but the colour doesn't really matter. 

          • The mono should be crimped into the spear and then can either be crimped directly into the muzzle of the gun or via a clip or even bungie.  Crimping directly into the muzzle is good as it does remove several potential breaking points from your system but can be a bit inconvenient at times.  Crimping the shooting line into a clip at the muzzle is best as it means you can easily swap your spears out and if you are having a hard time getting your spear out of a fish you can unclip the line and just pull it through the fish.

          • Probably the majority of divers use a small 10cm bungie at the muzzle.  This keeps your line nice and neat and could take a bit of the shock load off when fighting a fish.  They do have a limited lifespan though and it is a real pain if they break - they should be cored with a strong line so you won't lose anything but once broken your line won't be kept tight anymore.  For simplicity's sake lots of experienced divers don't bother with them.

          • Dynema is becoming increasingly popular as a shooting line because of it's extreme abrasion resistance.  You cannot crimp dynema so you must attach it with knots.  The one-and-a-half fisherman's knot is normally used for this.  Dynema isn't as quick through the water as mono and some divers claim it slows down the spears or even pulls their shots off.  It also has absolutely no stretch so you must use a gun bungie, reel or breakaway with dynema shooting line.

          Mono Filament Shooting Line Clear

          Rob Allen Mono Filament Shooting Line length 5m Clear - Dive & Fish dive shop
          Mono Filament Shooting Line Clear Sale price$3.00 Regular price$5.50