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Ocean Pro Orbit Shortie Wetsuit 3mm

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Ocean Pro Orbit Shortie Wetsuit 

The O'Pro Orbit Mens Shortie is a 3mm neoprene wetsuit with short sleeves and short legs also known as a spring suit. This wetsuit is perfect for summer time scuba divingsnorkeling or any watersports and will keep you warmer for longer whilst in the water. Even in summer, after being in the water for a few hours you can still get cold and cutting your day short is something that no one wants to do. The Orbit shortie will allow you to stay in the water all day if needed. Sunburn is something else that this wetsuit will prevent and we all know that covering up in the sun is super important, why not kill two birds with one stone and wear a shortie this year when out and about doing watersports. It has a rear zipper which makes it easy to get in and out of and comes in female sizes.



  • 3mm Thickness
  • Short arms and short legs
  • Spring suit style
  • Male sizing
  • Rear Zipper
  • Easy to get on and off
  • Perfect for warmth or sun protection

Ocean Pro Orbit Shortie

Ocean Pro Orbit Shortie

Care Instructions


After every use, you will need to clean your wetsuit to get rid of the sea salt and sand. If it is not cleaned correctly it will deteriorate and the zipper could seize up due to the sand. The sooner after your dive, then better. Try not leave it a few days before you get around to doing it. A great way is to fill the bath tub up when you get home from your dive, add the wetsuit wash and your wetsuit and give it a through clean. Hang on a wetsuit hanger to drip dry ready for your next dive. Do not leave in the direct sunlight, this will fade the suit very quickly.

Ocean Pro Orbit Shortie

Ocean Pro Ocean Pro Orbit Shortie - Dive & Fish dive shop
Ocean Pro Orbit Shortie Wetsuit 3mm Sale price$65.00 Regular price$89.00