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Speargun Rubber 14mm - 20mm

Sale price$35.00

Speargun Rubber

Experience the unparalleled quality of Rob Allen speargun rubber, one of the finest bulk rubber options in the industry. Proudly made in the USA using a specialized dip processing technique, this rubber offers exceptional performance for spearguns. Its unique features include a colored outer layer, providing enhanced protection against environmental factors, and an amber inner core, ensuring pure performance.

The Rob Allen rubber sets itself apart with its dip processing method, resulting in superior performance compared to ordinary rubbers. While it may have a slightly higher cost, this manufacturing technique allows for fewer additives, optimizing the rubber's performance in spearguns. The blue-colored outer layer serves as a protective coating, safeguarding against environmental elements. Meanwhile, the amber inner core delivers the high performance you need.

Choose from various thickness options, including 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, and 20mm, to match your specific speargun requirements. The 14mm and 16mm thicknesses are suitable for lighter 7mm spears, while the 18mm and 20mm thicknesses are ideal for longer single rubber guns equipped with heavier 7.5mm spears. While most guns come with twin 14mm rubbers or a single 16mm rubber, you have the option to upgrade for increased power.

By utilizing Rob Allen speargun rubber, you'll benefit from top-notch quality, exceptional performance, and reliable protection against environmental factors. Upgrade your speargun's rubber today and experience the difference.

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Speargun Rubber 14mm - 20mm Sale price$35.00