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Spring Fin Heel Strap

Sale price$119.00

Spring Fin Heel Strap

Enjoy the freedom of easily and quickly slipping your fins on or off first time, every time. Spring Heel Straps mean no more getting time spent getting frustrated with annoying old rubber style fin straps that constantly break at the worst possible time.


Designed to be super easy to use whether you're floating in the water or while wearing thick and bulky neoprene dive gloves, the Ocean Pro Spring Heel Straps will soon become your new favourite piece of kit. These Ocean Pro Spring Heel Fin Straps have been designed to eliminate the awkward and uncomfortable hassle out of straining to don or doff your dive fins and provide an easy solution to the hassles of old rubber fin straps.


Spring Fin Heel Strap

Ocean Pro Spring Fin Heel Strap - Dive & Fish dive shop
Spring Fin Heel Strap Sale price$119.00